Security Driver

The security drivers of Backup Concept are trained in handling complex situations in the field of security and road traffic safety. The security driver learns to respond to threatening situations with the purpose of moving vehicles and passengers safely to a location.

Backup Concept’s security drivers can:

  • Coordinate with principal’s executive assistant on daily basis for travel security planning
  • Perform security advances of all local venues to be visited, including: routes to be traveled; airports; businesses; residences; and hotels.
  • Identify and coordinate with emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance services and hospitals
  • Review intelligence briefing material for relevant information
  • Provide Close protection and counter surveillance for executives (principals) and other ancillary personnel during operations and when manpower allows

Backup Concept will, of course, tailor our service depending upon your specific and unique needs.

In addition to the specialist driver training that our security drivers in the Netherlands have followed they have also successfully completed the exclusive Security Driver Training at BMW in Germany.

During this 3 day training they received instruction in the complete control of their vehicle (BMW 5-Series Security / BMW 7 Series High Security / BMW X5 Security) in critical situations.

The most important aspect of strategic crime prevention is the completeness of security solutions. To compose such individual, modular solution packages, we start with a detailed analysis of risks and weak points.