Residental Security

About Residental Security

Adding growing number of residential robberies, violent robberies and vandalism , grows ook care for what our subject home safety . Experiences like this are traumatic and Will Give you a sense of vulnerability on a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

If no one else understands Backup Concept your need for discretion , privacy and security for you and your family . We are hereby like to serve, both on passive- from the field as active protection.

  • Passive protection; Fences, alarms, safe room, camera’s, electronic locking systems etc.
  • Active security; CCTV, physical access registration and security guards.

Backup Concept provides customization. Together with you, we your wishes to safety, we propose a schedule of requirements and a corresponding security plan tailored to the effect, budget, quality of life and risk .

We make clear agreements on work , time planning , procedures and measures die on your situation applying . Come as you are never for surprises .

Backup Concept provides backup for the business and private market among other electronic security systems, camera – observation systems, fire alarm systems , alarm systems , access control – systems , safes and salvage value en emergency control room & facilities .

Backup Concept works together with a NCP recognized as BORG technical security company, recognized fire installation and maintenance , as well as authorized service REOB (Small fire extinguishing ). This means that the services and installed systems meet the highest quality standards and the strictest dialog Legal Requirements .

Backup Concept delivers total security ; A place where you meet all your wishes and questions about safety and security rightly can. We like to take cares many (think) work!

Not only does Backup Concept’s global network of resources allow us to protect multiple residences around the world, you can count on us to provide you with:

Trust – Clients rely on our untarnished reputation for confidentiality while delivering the highest quality of service.

Flexibility – We tailor our services to fit the specific needs and budgets of our clients.

Vigilance – Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing protection 24/7/365.