Armoured Transport

The drivers have the widest range of driving certificates, and are trained to act in emergency situations, and follow annual refresher training.

During that training, the driver becomes taught in being able to successfully fulfill the mission under seriously threatening situations.

The training consists of a theoretical and a practical component where participants learn to deal with all aspects of an armored vehicle.

In cooperation with a partner company we supply armored transport. The armored transport they use are specially prepared vehicles which from the outside do not appear armored. The cars are in the higher business segment.

The armor is made by a renowned Dutch company and certified and meets all European and international standards.

Backup Concept have a solution for each transport problem. And if the solutions are long (er) term, then we are happy to provide a customized transportation plan for you.

Backup Concept has different rates, depending on the level of supervisor / security drivers and the make and model of car. As far as the drivers are concerned there are two distinct levels, the differences lie in the degree of education and experience.