Executive Driver

Using an executive chauffeur or Private chauffeur is effective and efficient. Furthermore, today an executive chauffeur is not expensive or a luxury. Think about how much valuable time you lose behind the wheel and what you could do with all that time.

Allow yourself to be driven by a chauffeur of Backup Concept, so that you can take your time to go through the details of the business on the way, so you arrive well prepared and equipped at the destination.

It is therefore essential for you and your organization that you are transported safely and efficiently by professionals.

Backup Concept Executive Drivers can:

  • Coordinate with principal’s executive assistant on daily basis for travel security planning
  • Perform security advances of all local venues to be visited, including: routes to be traveled; airports; businesses; residences; and hotels.
  • Identify and coordinate with emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance services and hospitals
  • Review intelligence briefing material for relevant information
  • Provide counter surveillance for executives (principals) and other ancillary personnel during operations and when manpower allows

Backup Concept will, of course, tailor our service depending upon your specific and unique needs.

Backup Concept have skilled professionals who have a specialist background or practical experience. Backup Concept only works with experienced and trained specialist – security drivers and close protection officers. All our staff are trained by experienced instructors from renowned educational institutions with a high degree of knowledge and experience of specialist driver training gained from various police and defense organizations.

Most of our drivers and close protection officers come from, or in some cases are even working within law enforcement and Military Police. From this, the values of discipline, flexibility, security and discretion are guaranteed.

Backup Concept has different rates, depending on the level of supervisor / security drivers and the make and model of car. As far as the drivers are concerned there are two distinct levels, the differences lie in the degree of education and experience.